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Drone / Piano?

Check out this bit of rather one dimensional musical landscape mash up malarkey!


For a bit of info head over to the good old BBC, http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p03yj8z3


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The great loneliness above me
Turned, as each of the golden gods
Looked down with their small bright
Old eyes, and told me I was merely
Alone. But of course now I could
Hear them, see them, feel them,
I wasn’t just alone, I was alone
As everything is alone, in its own
Place as real and needed and valuble
As everything is, and knowing this
Means you can just sit and listen
To those ancient songs that sing
Our lives and with that freedom
Reach out with warmth, just as
Each of those distant gods blazes
On, just as our own old bright god,
Alone for many times has warmed
And cared for us, so that we can
Look up with delight and say I am
Never alone.

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Les-roses-dHÇliogabale-Alma-Tadama1Look at this striking picture from Lawrence Alma-Tadema from 1888. I found it on a rather amusing feminist site talking about women in Western art having bad times at parties!

But look at the colour! The texture of the rose petals and the delicate shine on the column on the right. It’s an extravagant scene, Roman or Greek in setting and clearly rather a well to do establishment. But then one finds the story the painting is trying to depict; Roman emperor Elagabulus is trying to smother his guests with rose petals which have fallen from a false ceiling! But I don’t buy it. Clearly the people at the back, presumably including the Emperor himself are looking on wit great interest but the others in the foreground supposedly suffocating don’t look too bothered. In fact to me, they look like they’re having a great old time rolling around in the soft duvet of pinkness. The woman in the middle still has hold of her mirror, hardly the time to check her hair with such impending terminal breathlessness!

This does bring to light a contradcition in the form of the delicacy and beauty of colour and form of the picture and the narrative that is trying to be depicted, that of a scene of mass murder. It doesn’t seem to add up. The laughing faces of the people at the high table could be seen as a mocking macabre attitude but the women at the bottom look rather non-plussed, not fearing their own immediate mortality.

The figues I find most interesting are the ginger chap on the right and the young lady at the top who, oddly, also seems to be a redhead! The flow of the petals seem to follow her, as if her she is controlling them with her pipe playing, as they unfurl around the room. The ginger fellow, rather more rustic in appearance than the other guests also seems somewhat removed from the immediate procedings. In fact the ginger fellow is looking at the pipess, and they are both somewhat ignored by the rest of the crowd. They seem to be bringing the natural into the domestic. He is wild and she, draped in a leopard skin, brings flowers, roses yes, a domesticated species, but one that is thorny and fragant and needs to be cut back every year, a homage to their wild past.

Going back to my own past, that of my inner archaeologist, I’m reminded of Hodder’s domus:agrios opposition. Perhaps the ginger fellow is acting as a foris, a boundary between the two, the wildman in the court of the king?

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The gentle violence of the clouds caressing the hilltops,
I carefully look back through the mists of my youth,


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Being the widely read, polymath renaissance being that I am I was recently reading an article on the BBC News website about supersymmetry,  http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/science-environment-14680570.

Rather liking the image further below of the particle collision tracks,

I dragged it to my Google search bar and used the ‘search visually similar images’ function to generate a page of results, here, and what a result! A cacophany of pinks and purples predominate with some vague, and not so vague, hints at circles and spirals.  I’m going to have a look at these this afternoon and see if I can put into words the fascination I feel towards these pictures. It must have something to do with the various objects and textures shown, from woolly scarves to bins, deer and quiches!

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QR code for A Place Odyssey!

Hello, thoughts on Australia coming soon, lots of square holes, which reminded me of QR codes, two dimensional barcodes that many (post) modern phones can read. And here it is!

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Just found an interesting idea: creating cityscapes from different materials.

Silicon Valley

It comes to mind how we represent the landscape and how it is a shifting idea, i.e. it’s not static.
If we look to 16th century pictures we will find something completely different to, for example, Cezanne’s drawings.
In the 20th century the way of representing landscape has changed enormously. It doesn’t need to be real anymore, or fit into pre-established rules.
Everything is in your mind, express yourself! But, does this idea crash with real world? Would we like to find the future going down the street? Or is it just a way to scape from reality?

Anyway, I just wanted to share this links, in case anyone is interested.


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